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How a relaxed and unobtrusive documentary approach to photography can reflect your wedding story

As Documentary Wedding photographers our approach is relaxed and unobtrusive, with a photography style that is real and colourful. Our aim has always been about capturing the memories of a wedding day so you can preserve them for years to come. And that’s the ‘ah-ha!’ moment for many.

Wedding photographers play a crucial role in telling your wedding story, from start to finish, in its truest form. A good photographer captures those candid, natural moments throughout the day, covering a range of emotions so when it comes to those rainy days of looking through your album with your loved ones, you’ll be able relive your wedding day, sharing those experiences with future generations.

guests standing up and cheering the newlywed at reception
Reception room raising their glass to say cheers
wedding-guests-showing-their-dance-moves at The London Dilly

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Bride and groom crying on stage after speech

Wedding photography is an essential aspect of any wedding day. It’s a way to capture the special moments, emotions, and memories that you will cherish for years to come. As 2 of a kind pictures, our aim has always been to capture the natural moments that happen throughout the day in an unobtrusive way. This means that we don’t interrupt or direct the couple or their guests but rather capture the day as it unfolds naturally.

Bride reaching out for her son for a hug

Our relaxed approach allows us to capture the real emotions, laughter, and tears that occur throughout the day. Our bright and colourful style of photography reflects the joy and happiness of the day, creating a vibrant gallery that you can treasure forever.

As photographers, we go beyond just capturing photos from your wedding. After the wedding day, we go through each photo taken, reliving each moment from your wedding. This means that we carefully select and edit the images in our usual high quality and style to ensure that we maintain the essence of your day.

Close up of bride smiling under her veil
Two bridesmaids holding the end of the wedding dress
Group of people dancing outside
Groom standing next to his best man in church
Bride hugging guests
Bride and groom in church
Groom and guest hugging
wedding guests singing and dancing

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