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Why you need a photographer that celebrates and promotes diversity and inclusivity

Wedding photography is an art form that captures one of the most important days in a couple’s life. It’s a celebration of love and commitment, and as wedding photographers, we believe we have a responsibility to showcase the diversity of love and relationships in our work.

One of our biggest joys as wedding photographers is that we get to celebrate cultures from around the world. For us, a wedding is a gateway to celebrating cultures and the traditions and customs that communities hold so dear to them.

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Celebrating the intermingling of cultures

The importance of representation in wedding photography cannot be overstated. 2 of a kind pictures is made up of two women of colour – Halema and Krystel – hey! So, we know and understand how important representation is in all areas of life, and it’s no different when it comes to wedding photography. Like us, couples come from different backgrounds, cultures, and identities, and it’s important for them to see themselves represented in the images that capture their wedding day. Representation in wedding photography allows couples to see the beauty and diversity of love, and it helps to break down stereotypes and prejudices.

As wedding photographers, we have the power to create images that celebrate diversity and inclusivity. We capture the unique love stories of couples from all walks of life, showcasing their different cultures, traditions, and mixed heritages. By doing so, we create a body of work that celebrates the beauty and diversity of love in all its forms.

At a recent East London wedding, we had the pleasure of capturing Martin + Vi’s epic Chinese Wedding banquet. A lavish 10 course affair filled with symbols of abundance, purity, peace, and unity. A large part of the experience of being their wedding photographer was learning more about the couple’s culture and heritage as well as educating ourselves through independent research.

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Chinese red cards on display on table
Groom raising a glass
Best man holding a mic delivering a speech
Bride and groom crying on stage after speech

Bonding with our couples

A large part of this includes taking the time to get to know our couples. At 2 of a kind, we use our pre-consultation meeting, an informal meet up in person or zoom, to learn more about our couple and their cultures, heritage and stories that will be present and incorporated into their wedding day. We use this time to bond over our love and passion about our heritage, be it travels, literature, arts, history, and languages. We just love connecting with our couples!

Recently, we had a pre-consultation with Arbnora and Michael, a lovely, London couple who will be holding their wedding this September. The couple expressed their passion for celebrating their cultural heritage(s) through dancing including a Kosovan and Italian dance routine which we loved hearing about in our meet-up with them.

For 2 of a kind, it’s important that we educate ourselves about different cultures, traditions, and identities, using the knowledge gained to create images that are respectful and real. By being open and curious, we create images that celebrate the unique love stories of each couple.

At 2 of a kind pictures, we are both intentional and mindful about the images we capture. As natural, candid, documentary photographers, we always aim to tell your wedding story in its truest and most honest form.

As wedding photographers, we carry a responsibility to showcase diversity in our work, and by doing so, we can create images that celebrate the unique love stories of couples from all walks of life.

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Bride and groom at London zoo
Family and friends raising their glass with bride and groom to say cheers

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