Bride and groom standing next to a penguin

 London Zoo Wedding photography

Ian + Akina | London Zoo Wedding photography

Penguins flapping,

champagne popping,

prosecco fizzing,

water spilling,

Ian + Akina laughing!

Have you ever witnessed penguins at a wedding reception? Nope, neither had we until we had the honour to capture it (and much more) on Ian + Akina’s wedding day which took place at St Mark’s Church, Regent’s Park and ZSL London Zoo.

With the beautiful ceremony taking place at the historic St Mark’s Church, Regent’s Park, and the reception at the fun and modern ZSL London Zoo, the day covered a variety of human interactions and emotions, embracing a contrast of ambiences and flavours.

The church was an architectural heaven with its high ceilings and large windows – it was gorgeously lit with its natural light spotlighting the couple. Maybe it was the light shining through the colourful windows or the echoes of the vows being said, whatever it was, we could feel and see the deep emotions connected to love, faith and family. It was powerful.

Child-like fun and excitement begun to boil over as we all headed to ZSL London Zoo for the drink reception. Drinks are all nice and lovely but giraffes, monkeys, tigers, and penguins? That’s on another level!

We were like kids – all four of us. Ian + Akina and us! We did a small couple shoot with them and some very special guests – the very dapper-out penguins. And believe us when we say this: They were not camera shy. At all. It was an experience we will certainly remember for a looooong time.

St Mark’s Church, Regent’s Park and ZSL London Zoo wedding photography was so fun to capture. Here are some of our favourite pictures from the day. You can see more on our Portfolio page.

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