Confetti at the Old Marylebone Town Hall

Marylebone Town Hall & Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen wedding photography with Tony + Louise

We’re absolutely in love with this wedding! Why? Well, for many number of reasons. The most obvious one is our wonderful couple, Tony & Louise but secondly, the fab venue choices they made that matched their vibe so perfectly well.

It was end of March so we had a spring/summer weather which shone through the London streets, highlighting all the historic buildings including Old Marylebone Town Hall. We started the day at the Old Marylebone Town Hall where the ceremony took place. We met Tony and his best man, his 12 year old son, Nathan along with their cousins and friends near the steps of the town hall. We captured the excitement, the nervousness, the pure joy and love shared between everyone which of course showed us what to expect during the ceremony.

The ceremony was full of beautiful moments between the couple and their children as well as their guests. Tony was full of emotions as Louise walked down the aisle with her dad. There were warm embraces between the two just before readings from a family member took place.

As always, it’s always wonderful to photograph weddings at the Old Marylebone Town Hall. The staff there are welcoming, helpful and love the venue as much as we do! There are so many opportunities to take photos of couples and guests, from the famous steps to the pillars and the beautiful windows inside.

After the ceremony, everyone made their way outside to get ready for the couple’s confetti exit. There were lots of laughter and energy as the couple walked down the energy with confetti thrown high in the air towards them.

After group shots, one of us stayed with the couple for our couple time shoot while the other went in the cab with the guests, capturing their journey to the second venue, Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen.

We took sometime to do some photos on the steps and just outside the venue before heading to other parts of the nearby area. After 15 minutes of couple time, we went into a cab for the wedding reception.

Wedding celebration and festivities continued at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Kitchen in East London, where the atmosphere buzzed with excitement and joy. As the evening unfolded, the best man took the stage, delivering a speech filled with playful banter.

As the DJ set the mood with music that filled the air, the dance floor came alive. The golden walls of the Bread Kitchen seemed to shimmer, casting a warm glow over the guests and their dance moves. It was utter joy capturing it.

We are grateful to have been a part of such a special day, and we look forward to reliving these cherished memories through our photographs for years to come.

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