5 ways you can start creating a safe and inclusive photography experience

As wedding photographers, we believe it’s important for us to create a safe and inclusive photography experience for all couples, regardless of their backgrounds, cultures, or identities. For 2 of a kind pictures, one of our biggest joys as wedding photographers is celebrating cultures from around the world. For us, a wedding is a gateway to celebrating cultures and the traditions and customs that communities hold so dear to them. That’s why we decided to put together a list of ways we, as wedding photographers, can create a safe and inclusive space for our couples.

Here are some ways that we can create a safe and inclusive wedding photography experience:

  1. Be open-minded and inclusive

 Embrace the diversity of love and relationships and be open-minded when working with couples from different backgrounds, cultures, and identities. Show that you value and celebrate diversity in your work and in your approach.

At 2 of a kind pictures, from the get-go, we love asking couples about how they met, what hobbies they enjoy doing together, and we always encourage them to ask us any questions they may have for us. Whether it’s to do with our photography style and approach or personal questions such as our cultural identity – we always love to share who we are with you! This is a great way to ease our couple and make them feel at home with us, after all, we do say that by the time it’s your wedding day, we’ll simply turn up as friends with cameras.

  1. Use inclusive language

Use inclusive language when communicating with your couples. Avoid making assumptions about someone’s identity or background. If you’re unsure and think that it’s important to ask, then embrace the unknown and simply ask. To learn more about inclusive language, we recommend you to read Oxfam’s Inclusive language guide.

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  1. Be respectful of cultural traditions

Be respectful of the cultural traditions and customs of each couple. Take the time to learn about their cultural backgrounds and traditions and be mindful of the cultural significance of the elements you are capturing.

  1. Be aware of any potential biases

It’s important to be aware of any potential biases that may influence your approach to the photoshoot/wedding. Challenge your own assumptions and biases and strive to create an equal and inclusive photography experience for all couples.

  1. Last but not least (and this goes without saying)… Listen to your clients

Listen to your clients and their needs. Be open to feedback and communicate clearly with them throughout the photoshoot.

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