Bride and groom crying on stage after speech

Martin + Vi | East London wedding photography

One of our biggest joys as wedding photographers is that we get to celebrate cultures from around the world. For us, a wedding is a gateway to celebrating cultures and the traditions and customs that communities hold so dear to them.

We love learning the variety of customs and traditions celebrated in weddings to welcome a union. For Martin + Vi, it was all embracing the epic Chinese Wedding banquet. A lavish 10 course affair filled with symbols of abundance, purity, peace and unity. The celebration spilled over speeches where both the bride and groom expressed their emotions about what this day means to them.

It was a joyous occasion and we loved capturing the celebration between the couple and their friends and family. Held in East London, the day was full of sunshine and smiles.

In the end, we joined the raucous cheers on every table with Martin + Vi too!

Scroll down and enjoy the story of Martin + Vi’s lavish Chinese Wedding banquet. You can visit our Portfolio page to see more weddings.

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A close up of Chinese cat waving
Wedding guests pointing at the table seating sign
two men looking down on their phone
Groom and guest hugging
Man hugging female outside
Man holding a child
Smoking man's reflection
Couple standing in urban setting
East London Bride and groom smiling
Chinese red cards on display on table
fried halibut
plates of chinese food like roast duck with chopsticks
Best man holding a mic delivering a speech
Groom and best man speech on stage
Guests clapping - reacting to the best man speech
Groom raising a glass
Bride and groom crying on stage after speech
Family and friends raising their glass with bride and groom to say cheers

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