Bombay-Brasserie-bar with bride and groom

Bombay Brasserie wedding photography, London

Sona + Asim | Bombay Brasserie Wedding Photography, London

What does a wedding bring to you? For us, it brings love, joy, happiness, grief, uncertainty, the unknown, excitement all rolled into one. In many ways, weddings symbolise official change that comes with new beginnings and a new chapter in people’s lives. And that’s exactly what it was for Sona + Asim.

Sona + Asim’s ceremony and reception was held at the beautiful and exquisite Bombay Brasserie in Gloucester Road, London. We have to say, we instantly fell in love with this venue. If we could describe this place, it would be this: warm, sultry, indulgent place laced in gold. A Bombay city in the middle of London.

The venue, combined with bright, vibrant colours of guests mixed with excitement only made the day just that more delectable. The ceremony itself took place in the green glass house area where its natural light instantly fell upon the guest and the couple.

Our natural, documentary storytelling style of photography was perfect for their relaxed, stylish and emotive wedding. Heartfelt stories about the couple were shared by their loved ones after the ceremony. Some of their most precious stories brought tears to many, stirring feelings in their hearts including us.

With the overwhelming emotions in the room, it was the perfect to grab the couple for a relaxed, easy-going, natural 15-minutes couple photography session outside the venue. It was chilled, intimate and fun. It was their first few moments together as newlyweds, and how beautiful was it to capture these?

The wedding finished on the venue steps with a bang. Bright, colourful confetti blasted out from canons creating a spectacular rainbow-coloured rain – how wow was that?! There was so much energy among the guests – laughing, singing and crying as they bid farewell to Sona + Asim who walked down the road with a tear and a smile.

This Bombay Brasserie wedding photography was a feast for the eyes. The many colours, smells, textures constantly tingled are senses. It was a beauty to capture. We can’t wait to be back there soon. For now, scroll down and enjoy the story of Sona + Asim’s beautiful wedding. You can see more pictures from their day on our Portfolio page.

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