Halema + Krystel = 2 of a kind pictures

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Your friends with cameras

Hey! Thanks for joining us on this journey called 2 of a kind pictures. We’re best friends and a wedding photography duo. We love discovering new places, learning about different cultures, history and eating good food from around the world, ending the day by heading back home to London to watch a real good detective show. Er, have you watched Unforgotten yet?

Born and raised in London with an intermingling of cultures stemmed from the UK, Bangladesh, China, and Malaysia, we’re a team that loves celebrating diverse cultures and communities from all backgrounds. That’s why we always want to show the realness of your wedding day, the curious and intriguing moments, and honest emotions shared between people.

We shoot full-day weddings together which means that we get to enjoy capturing more moments and stories from your wedding day. As a wedding duo, we always bring two different sets of skills to your most special day.

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Halema (she/her)

Sarcastic, creative, and a little bit weird

Loves researching weird and wonderful facts about musicians

Spice lover, chilli heat enthusiast, and a chocolate addict. When my life isn’t centred around food, I spend my time feeding my curiosities by travelling the world and discovering little historic gems along the way.

Constantly inspired by the Arts, I always try to carve out a little me-time – I call it ‘recharging’ – to visit the latest exhibition or a play. Feel free to share any recommendation!

Passionate and keen to always learn, I tend to carry useless pop cultural facts that probably have no relevance to anything specific… Did you know Ne-Yo wrote Irreplaceable for Beyonce?…

What I love:

  • The Talented Mr Ripley – the film!
  • Creative writing – who doesn’t love a children story?!
  • Anthony Bourdain
  • Blazers – according to Krystel, I have too many now…
A woman smiling and looking up

Krystel (she/her)

Witty, caring, and a little obsessed with terrazzo tiles

Loves discovering new food places around the world

A sports enthusiast with a passion for netball and bouldering. When I’m not running up and down the court or falling off a wall, you’ll find me walking Gatsby, my friendly and adorable 9-year-old cockapoo, meeting other dogs, playing – and excelling, I should add – in the Guess what breed? game.

Easily excitable whenever there’s a John Lewis or an Ikea on sight – I’m a massive fan of any place that has a variety of furniture on show, and I love spending time cooing over them. I mean, who can resist a mid-century armchair, eh?

At home, I’m a fan of watching quiz shows. The Chase, Limitless and Who want to be a millionaire? Yep, seen them all and nope, never going to be a contestant!

When I’m not running, climbing or cooing, I’m indulging in small, crispy pockets of flavour…deep fried cheese, anyone?

What I love:

  • Team sports – fancy joining my netball team?
  • A jigsaw puzzle over Christmas
  • Plants – when I remember to water them
  • Films – feel free to recommend any!

Your Investment

We know all weddings are different and come in different shapes and sizes. That’s why we offer different wedding packages.  To find out more about our wedding packages, click the button below.

Let’s create magic

If you’re looking for a cool, friendly duo with a relaxed approach and easy to talk to vibes then get in touch.

We always aim to get back to you within 24 hours. If you haven’t heard from us within that timeframe then please check your junk/spam mail or call us.

Halema: 07944275627

Krystel: 07595985858


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